I’m Known For Having Big Hair

I got way too involved with Pinterest hair tutorials last night.

I have very thick and rather large hair. In fact, I’m known for having big hair.

It’s difficult to find an updo that works for me. I do love wearing my hair down but sometimes I want to change it up (see what I did there).

Well, this is as far as I got.

I quickly discovered that fishtailing is much too complicated, and bobby pins don’t actually hold your hair up.

This was easy enough! I’m not sure if I’ll wear it anywhere meaningful–perhaps the grocery?


Step One: Place a headband around the crown of your head.

Step Two: Take the hair into a ponytail but don’t actually wrap it.

Step Three: Place the pony tail contraption into the headband and tuck your hair around.

Step Four: Voila!



P.S. I hope y’all like my selfies.


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