Style Vision

These ladies from past and present are my constant style inspiration. While they are in no particular order, most only wear black– only naturally, though.

1. Victoria Beckham

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2. Jackie Kennedy

d2f5ae34531338113f3833c3e5853bec  5e53eafdefd32ee9edd9baefcfdc1299 02ea8414a9bcd30537d530e879dafef8


3. Kendall Jenner

188b0858de0484608165f4f6a72760aa 94c25529a8fcd35bef4b7e2d9649d5f5 afe708478e1384d831fd0c440ccb6da7

4. Kate Middleton

a7f4cd097d4c565e14fb5e99b5544c7a 72294598942b5edf2e49d90245087302 f93ef350b8f884ef412c207d1bc42185

5. Elizabeth Taylor

ce5553309fdbf2f8222fbbe2ef5ec792 489c16c1289025e80ffcb260b1a2aa0eca9c53f2619f16e611109612c1a3d45c

6. And of course, The Queen, Rachel Zoe

da35cae23ef3442d1183d044871a941e d52fecdd1ab68a3cf7eca11dc7fd2076 7097cad7d84cf30c00cab6aa1dd38c6c


7. Kate Hudson

5f8cf6ca475bfb761fdede77327b0514 8b6373ab157c3e13b00b2a12e715daac 8f205caad14270b54c5a7c9aedf73b3d





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