I’m Feeling So Into Animal Print Right Now


I snagged these BCBG babes while I was out shopping with my super stylish grandmother. She almost got the same pair (they were a bit too high).

Next stop, fur.


The Glitter Plan: How We Started Juicy Couture for $200 and Turned It Into A Global Brand

The Glitter Plan: How We Started Juicy Couture for $200 and Turned It Into A Global Brand aka my bible.

The newest addition to the once iconic brand, is a tell all from the entrepreneurs of our Juicy lifestyles.

I was Juicy obsessed for a time in my life, as most of us probably were.

I remember taking the first $350 I earned at the ripe age of 14, and throwing it at the cashier for a Juicy bag. I slept with the bag every night. Today, It still hangs in my closet.

Embarrassingly enough, my group of friends in middle school even referred to ourselves as “The Juicy’s” (I know).

Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor created the brand in 1994 with $200 in a California apartment:

The didn’t go to Harvard Business School– or any business school– and rather than coming up with a complicated business plan, they had what they called the Glitter Plan: using their instincts and being very hands-on to come up with clothing they knew women would want to wear and finding ways to reach their market.- The Glitter Plan


Levy and Taylor’s story is one that I envy.

They took their dreams and found a way to make a living off of them. The women stayed true to their brand throughout the whole process, down to their fun office atmosphere, title-less employees and of course, “fit, fabric, and color.”

The brand thrived for years. Every celebrity and every one of our neighbors was wearing Juicy in the early 2000s’. Sadly, the brand became too big and, in my opinion, was a victim to corporate America. The market was oversaturated with juicy sayings, colors and tracksuits. When Levy and Taylor had instincts to change a line in the brand, the suits at Liz Claiborne shot down their suggestions with market research; this led to its eventual failure.

The women are careful to note that as entrepreneurs you must rely on instinct and not market research, as the general public doesn’t know what’s going to be hot next. The book is full of their real story of creating a brand, its ultimate downfall and the lessons they learned. It’s the text for the millennial generation of entrepreneurs– those who don’t really care about rules or extensive plans.

The story has a sad ending: Juicy will be hitting Khols this fall.

Juicy Couture wasn’t the end for Levy and Taylor. They’ve recently launched their new brand, Pam & Gela.

I’ll forever keep my velvet black bag. I’ll never forget the brand that influenced my awkward years and helped me find a love for fashion.

Love you, G&P.


The Juicy Bag I spent my first $350 on.

Oh, and pick up your copy of The Glitter Plan, you won’t regret it.

No Fear, Fitting Room Is Here

Figuring out to wear is the most difficult part of any day, night out, or special occasion.

No fear, Fitting Room is here.

The app allows users to take or upload photos from their smartphone for praise –or the dreaded denial. Other users then vote “yes” or “no” on your ensemble, which is calculated into a percentage based on how many people like or dislike your masterpiece.

Don’t worry– you can also vote on other users outfits and request advice from your favorite followers.

I’m a fan of the app. No longer do I have to rely on my judgement or the recommendations of my friends (no offense, girls).

I would eventually like to see location based and age range voting, as fashion sense can vary.

This could be just what America needs.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Fitting Room at “ckemp”… Please be harsh.

Photograph The Dressing Room


Right. I spend too much time shopping. I thought I’d share my biggest tip: photograph everything you try on. The camera never lies.

My phone actually has an album dedicated to dressing room photos. These don’t fill my ego, as most of them are makeup and showerless.

Besides, Cher Horowitz was the number one advocate of outfit pics.

I Spent My Cinco Shopping

I have an indulgence…well, maybe a habit. I had all intentions of partaking in the holiday, but like many nights I became distracted.

Shopping isn’t something that should be done at once. I believe in small wins. If you walk past a cute shop, go in– and for god sake, buy something. Don’t say no when every part of you is saying yes.

This week’s wins are from the unexpected. I had gone to Marshalls looking for a pair of shoes, and conveniently (I didn’t know then) there was a Target and Old Navy next door. I frequent Target, so this wasn’t exactly a surprise–but Old Navy made me turn around. The shoe selection was trendy, accompanied by lots of charming summer dresses. Maybe they’re moving away from the $10 jeans and American Flag Tees?

Below are my favorites. I’ll continue to post any of my little wins.

 Lace Maxi Dress: $29.99, Target

paired with

Stripped Beach Hat: $14.99, Target

LBD (As if I don’t already have a million): $34.99, Old Navy

Nude Flats: $9.99 on clearance, Old Navy

photo (5)