I’m Feeling So Into Animal Print Right Now


I snagged these BCBG babes while I was out shopping with my super stylish grandmother. She almost got the same pair (they were a bit too high).

Next stop, fur.


But Why Wear A Headband When You Can Wear A Turban?

We’ve all woken up too late and had no clue what to do with the baby hairs and greasy hair.

It’s literally a moment of panic.

The go-to is normally to dust off a headband. My new go-to is a turban.They’re stylish, chic and a change from the norm.

I’ve purchased a few at Ulta from the Elle line for around $13.

Go ahead, give it a try.


Source: Etsy

Style Umbrella

Source: Style Umbrella

Fashion Gone Rouge

Source: Fashion Gone Rouge

Christinas Pictures 813

Source: My Closet


I’m Determined To Have One Adult Aspect Of My Life

One of the many steps of beginning life unfortunately, or fortunately, includes moving home.

I don’t mind being home. I would love to reap the benefits of the four years spent slaving away at work and school, to finally have a career and a well paying job– but apparently it doesn’t always happen this way.

My post-grad room, which I am grateful for, is nestled into an old office. It’s even complete with rows of shelves (which I’m not even going to attempt to remove).

While living with our parents isn’t exactly ideal, I am looking forward to redecorating.

I’ve spent the last four years in a shoebox of an apt, in which I commonly refer to my room as a walk-in closet. In fact, my shoes don’t even fit into my closet (hence the name).

I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock, though. What is my decor style? I know I HATE modern, like the look of elegance and have a love for shabby chic, but where exactly does this leave my room? I mean, that wouldn’t look good all in one space, right?

I’ve begun a long-winded Pinterest journey, and was hoping maybe I could get some help in narrowing it down.

Things that are a must:

1. Fluffy Cover And Lots Of Pillows:






Source: MyStyleDecor.net

2. Photo Collage





3. Pops Of Color



Source: Fernanda Sana



Source: TheJewinJCrew

4. Something To Do With The Shelves


It’s going to be a work in progress, but I’m determined to finally have at least one adult aspect of my life.

No Fear, Fitting Room Is Here

Figuring out to wear is the most difficult part of any day, night out, or special occasion.

No fear, Fitting Room is here.

The app allows users to take or upload photos from their smartphone for praise –or the dreaded denial. Other users then vote “yes” or “no” on your ensemble, which is calculated into a percentage based on how many people like or dislike your masterpiece.

Don’t worry– you can also vote on other users outfits and request advice from your favorite followers.

I’m a fan of the app. No longer do I have to rely on my judgement or the recommendations of my friends (no offense, girls).

I would eventually like to see location based and age range voting, as fashion sense can vary.

This could be just what America needs.

Oh, and don’t forget to follow me on Fitting Room at “ckemp”… Please be harsh.