I’m Feeling So Into Animal Print Right Now


I snagged these BCBG babes while I was out shopping with my super stylish grandmother. She almost got the same pair (they were a bit too high).

Next stop, fur.


I Spent My Cinco Shopping

I have an indulgence…well, maybe a habit. I had all intentions of partaking in the holiday, but like many nights I became distracted.

Shopping isn’t something that should be done at once. I believe in small wins. If you walk past a cute shop, go in– and for god sake, buy something. Don’t say no when every part of you is saying yes.

This week’s wins are from the unexpected. I had gone to Marshalls looking for a pair of shoes, and conveniently (I didn’t know then) there was a Target and Old Navy next door. I frequent Target, so this wasn’t exactly a surprise–but Old Navy made me turn around. The shoe selection was trendy, accompanied by lots of charming summer dresses. Maybe they’re moving away from the $10 jeans and American Flag Tees?

Below are my favorites. I’ll continue to post any of my little wins.

 Lace Maxi Dress: $29.99, Target

paired with

Stripped Beach Hat: $14.99, Target

LBD (As if I don’t already have a million): $34.99, Old Navy

Nude Flats: $9.99 on clearance, Old Navy

photo (5)